In 1963 Danny Weis co-founded classic rock group Iron Butterfly in San Diego, California. On this his first solo album, Danny lays down his signature funky guitar licks over original smooth jazz and R&B instrumental compositions. Recorded with care at Phase One Studios in Toronto, Sweet Spot delivers a compelling, dynamic musical listening experience.
Executive Producer:
Barry Lubotta

Produced by:
Keith Whiting

Recording Engineers:
Keith Mariash (beds)
Greg Kolchinsky (overdubs)
Mark Renner (vocals)
Michael Jack (guitar, editing)
Byram Joseph (percussion)
George Seara (overdubs)

Assistant Engineers:
Mark Renner & Greg Kolchinsky

Mix engineer:
Vic Florencia

Mastered by:
George Seara

Recorded, mixed and mastered:
Phase One Studio, Toronto Ontario - www.phaseonestudios.com

September - December 2004

Barry Lubotta and Byram Joseph

All songs written and arranged by Danny Weis except:
#4 - Apricot Brandy, written by Danny Weis and Michael Fonfara
#16 - Keep The Faith, music by Danny Weis, lyrics Michele Finney and Keith Whiting
#6 - East of the Sun written by Brooks Bowman
#15 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow written by Harold Arlen

Danny Weis - Guitars
Rich Brown - Bass
Jorn Anderson - Drums
Armondo Borg - Percussion
Lou Pamonti - piano, Hammond B3 and keyboards
Richard Bell - piano, Hammond B3
Michael Fonfara - Hammond B3, keyboards
Vern Dorge - Alto, tenor sax
Pol Coussee - Tenor & Baritone Sax
Jason Logue - Trumpet
Latoya, Miranda and Byram Joseph - vocals on Keep The Faith